VENOM Pipe Thread Sealant

Venom snake
Venom Pipe Thread Sealants
  • Universal Sealant – It’s the only one you need!
  • Contains More Naturally Occurring Oils and Lubricants – Ideal for new, poorly cut or damaged threads
  • Thick Soft-Setting Paste – Won’t separate, easy to apply. No drips or runs
  • Lower Solvent Content – Low odor
  • UL/CSA/NSF Approved – Use it on your toughest applications
  • Suitable for Use on Almost any Type of Piping*
  • Suitable for Use with Almost any Chemical*
  • Suitable for Use with Potable Water*
VM04 4oz. 24
VM08 8oz. 24
VM16 16oz. 12
UL/CSA/NSF Approved logos and Made in USA logo

Download: Safety Data Sheet (SDS)

100% Money Back Guarantee

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

If you are not satisfied with the remarkable sealing ability of Venom, we will refund your purchase price. Click here for full details.